How can you detect and eliminate flea infestation at your home?

flea infestation

Fleas are the most annoying pests to deal with. They are small enough to get around. The main causes of flea infestation are the pets. They are the carriers of fleas. The next target of fleas will be your carpets, furniture and curtains. As they are armoured bodies, they cannot be easily destroyed. Pest Control Conder says that they can hide easily in upholstery, so that you are not aware of large infestations.

Detecting a flea infestation:

  • Scratching- Excessive scratching in dogs and cats may be the top indicator of having fleas.
  • Alopecia- Certain types of fleas can cause reactions in your pets, leading to excessive hair loss.
  • Welts and red skin- The saliva of fleas can cause some kind of reactions in pets from which their skin gets  red. 

  Note: When you check these signs, be careful! Fleas might hop on to your body. Wear gloves to avoid taking fleas on yourself.

  • Ankle bites- Do you walk around barefoot a lot? If you do, and notice bites around your ankles and knees it is likely fleas.
  • White sock test- There can be fleas in your carpet even though you don’t find the above signs. Wear a pair of white socks and walk on your carpet for sometime. Then, carefully remove the socks you may find fleas on your white socks.
  • Flea dirt- Flea dirt is often reddish as they digest blood. Distinguish the normal dust and flea feces. When you collect some on a white paper towel, spray water on it, flea feces turns to brown hue.

Eliminating fleas at your home:

  1. Use a powerful vacuum cleaner on upholstery, floors, carpets, and mattress. As fleas can easily hide behind such places, vacuuming is the best way to get rid of them.  
  2. Treatment of pets with shampoos, and sprays. Contact a Veterinarian for specific treatment or a professionl Pest Control in Conder.
  3. Wash all bedding: It’s essential to wash all the beddings in hot and soapy water. Also, drying it at the highest heat setting is vital to get rid of severe infestation. 
  4. Employ a steam cleaner: To clean carpets, upholstery, and pet beds, steam cleaning is an effective method. With a combination of high heat and soap, fleas can be easily eliminated. 

The time and effort taken to eradicate flea infestation seem to be the most serious aspect. “It is easy to eliminate fleas from your house with technicians”, says Pest Control Conder.

Flea infestation control in Conder: 

Pest control experts advices for a hassle free flea control, as fleas turn out of control during summers. Local Pest control services can be chosen as initiative for flea free environment around your home for a longer time.

If you are looking forward to control fleas in your neighborhood, contact Local Pest Control Conder today.