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Find Legally-Approved Possum Removal Experts In Conder With Us

It is best for wildlife to remain in the forest, even though many people appreciate nature and wildlife. Removing Possums from your area can be a challenging task especially when you live near forest areas. We are a team for Possum Removal Conder service and our experts are available to catch possums and relocate them to a safe place. We help many people get rid of various types of possums from their houses and business areas in Conder. 

Moreover, we are a legally-approved team so you will not face any legal actions on the removal of possums by our team. We know all the legalities and follow those laws so that everyone is safe. 

Learn How To Identify Possums

Due to their large, hairless ears, long tails, and pointed faces. Gray is their primary colour, but they can also have red or brown coats. Due to their thick fur’s long, white guard hairs, the pests also have a somewhat grizzled appearance. A possum’s tail is hairless and serves as an extra limb for climbing.

The common opossum measures about 2.5 feet long and weighs between 9 and 13 pounds. The silver fur on his body is tipped with white. White is his face, and he has black paws and ears. They have five toes on each foot, making them a good climber; their hairless, prehensile tail also helps them climb. With their dark eyes and pointed snout, they have a mouth full of sharp teeth that enable them to kill snakes, chickens, and birds.

It might not be as easy as you think to identify a ‘possum. When you are in confusion, do not delay calling our possum inspection team. Our experts know all possums in this region. 

What Is Our Process For Removing Possums From Your Property?

When possums get into the roof cavity of your home, they can be a nuisance. In addition to moving around during the night, possums are often active during the day. Our Possum Removal Conder team uses various methods for removing possums from your area. As we all know, harming possums is illegal. Here are some of the ways our professionals use for removing possums from your area:

  • Trapping possums with Cage

Our Possum Removal Conder team uses cages or traps available for capturing a possum. The possum will be released after capture. Trapping may take a few days, depending on how long the possum takes to enter the trap. We used to place fruits in the cage to catch possums because they are very attracted to fruits and vegetables.

  • Relocate Possums to a safe place

We do possum relocation, possum removal, and trapping in a humane possum removal manner. We can not release them more than 50 meters away from your home or property. Also, we take preventive measures and follow the guidelines of the government. There are specific guidelines for removing possums from the house and releasing them to a safe place. Our possum catcher safely relocates them to approved areas, such as a wildlife management area.

  • Weekly Visit

Once possums are relocated to a different place, it is imperative to do weekly or multiple visits because there are many chances that possums can return to your property. Our Possum Removal Conder expert does various visits on your request to ensure that possums will not return to your property again.

How Would The Customer Know If The Possum Was Trapped In The Cage?

These animals may destroy your property and invade your trash cans and even your house in search of food. Using a live trap to catch and release an opossum is one way to get rid of the animal from your property.

A trap should be checked twice a day, preferably once in the morning and the evening. Then refill the bait if necessary. The cage may be dissuaded from being approached by possums by checking it frequently. Keep trapped animals no longer than 24 hours in the cage.

Is Possum Removal Necessary?

Usually, possums are active at night and prefer to live alone. It is not widely known that opossums are relatives of kangaroos. However, they are much smaller and slower than kangaroos. You probably feel a little frightened when you’ve encountered an opossum. When threatened, they produce a horrendous odour. Here are some other problems that say possum removal is necessary:

  • They cause havoc in the garden.

While they are searching for food, opossums make a lot of messes. You will need to protect any garden with a fence to keep opossums out; otherwise, it can become a breeding ground for opossums and other pests.

  • Pets at risk

They like bird feeders, pet food bowls, trashcans, pantry food, and garden produce. They can also attack pets. Your pets will not be normal when possums will be around. 

  • Can Transmit Diseases

The amount of waste produced by possums is shocking. Possum urine stains ceilings and attics. Bacteria can also grow in your attic. This is potentially dangerous.

  • They can make your house a mess.

Opossums are messy eaters, so they bring their food inside and leave scraps all over the place.

  • Can Create Health issues

You and your loved ones can contract diseases from the remains of such dead animals as rats and Possums.

What Can We Do To Help You Maintain Your Conder Property Possum Free?

For many years, our team for Possum Removal Conder has been providing effective pest and Possum control services; hence we use various tools and types of equipment to remove all kinds of possums from the area. Here are some possum pest control facilities we provide in Conder.

Residential Possum Removal: Our possum removal company is always ready to provide adequate services in your home area. We can remove all types of possums from your house.

Commercial Possum Removal: Having possums in a commercial building or area can create a mess; hence, removing them from your office or retail space is imperative. Call us now and get rid of possums. 

General Possum Inspection: Call us for general possum inspection services if you suspect that you have possums in your home.

Emergency Possum Removal Service: Possums are primarily active at night; hence you can call us anytime for getting rid of possums.

To Protect You From Possum Harms, We Offer Dead Possum Removal Services

Dead possum removal from the area is a crucial part of possum removal service because dead possums can have bacteria, fleas and ticks, which can cause numerous risks to your health. It can also affect your pet; hence, we provide a dead possum removal service to safeguard your health.

How Can We Help With Your Possum Removal Conder Needs?

We have provided valuable and effective possum removal services for many years and have built a successful trust among our customers. Here are some of the reasons why you should pick us for professional possum removal in Conder:

  • Eco-friendly Method 

The way we use to remove pests and possums is safe for your pet and family. They do not cause any harm to health. We use large cages and fruits as baits for catching possums.

  • Affordable

Possum removal services are very costly because they require days of patience and modern tools and equipment usage. Our company has been providing affordable possum removal costs in the area.

  • Certified Professional

A certified professional ensures that the pest removed from your area won’t return to your place again.

  • Best Services

Our services are different from any other pest control services as we provide guaranteed treatment for any pest removal.

  • Same Day Possum Removal Service

If you don’t have much time, then our professional can help you to get rid of the possum within the day of your call.


Can opossums be related to rats?

That’s not right! Opossums are not related to rats at all, despite their rat-like appearance. These mammals are marsupials.

How do I get rid of Possums?

Removing possums from the area can be a challenging and dangerous task; hence you can call an expert like us for help.

What is the best way for me to keep opossums out of my home and garage?

You should Close all doors, pet doors, and unscreened windows from dusk to dawn. Food should be stored such that the opossum is not tempted to enter